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Loose Columbite Crystals without significant terminations have been polished.  They may be used in Jewelry or just placed 'as is' in your collection. They have a moderate SG (4.5) so feel smooth, heavy and thrillingly cold.  Some original pyramid and prism crystal faces are preserved.  They have a similar luster to hematite but mostly are a deep iridescent graphitic color, very interesting  pieces if you want any US$40c/gram.  Someone told me Columbite makes you irresistible in love and invincible in war. (these are popular so get your order in before the current stock is depleted)


Polished Gaspite and Chrysoprase is available Discounts for bulk purchases. Gaspeite (Nickel carbonate) is around US$4- a piece while Chrysoprase (green chalcedony) US$10- to $US100- a piece, depending on quality and size. New material is currently arriving due to the increase in the Nickel Price with new mines discovering deposits.


Beryl rough has a green gemmy quality but contains fractures. Ideal for beads and/or smallish cut stones. This material will heat treat to a light bright blue Aquamarine. US$40-/kilo


Gold nuggets from Western Australia for US$14- a gram. They range from 4g to 30g.