Emerald from Western Australia is currently available.  Pieces have a reasonable colour and clarity.  Crystals are well formed hexagons.  The 16 small pieces in the foreground are US$10- each (range from 1-3g). They can just be slightly trimmed and used or stones cut. The larger specimen pieces are US$6- a gram 


Stibnite - Antimony Sulphide - Sb2S3

A huge range of stibnite specimens have been personally acquired from Chinese mine sites.  The stibnite specimen quality and range will knock your socks off.  These will be posted soon and the best pieces will be in Tucson!

Definitely for the discerning collector.

Calcite - Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3

CalciteTwin.jpegL1: A uniquely exquisite bimodal-colored red and white Calcite twin from China US$699-

Descloizite - Lead Vanadate - Pb(Zn, Cu) (VO3)(OH)

descloizite consists of plumose masses of prismatic crystals with a vitreous lustre
Dec1.jpegD1:  A reddish brown color with orange botryoidal masses of descloizite on the back of the prismatic crystals, 2 inches by 1.5 inches $US199-


Dec2.jpegD2: large 12cm x 5cm piece with a plethora of prismatic crystals extruding from a relatively flat base $US259-

Ferberite - Iron Manganese Tungstate - (Fe, Mn)WO4

WulfenitevarFeb.jpegF1: Tabular and prismatic crystals of a 8cm Ferberite with a complex termination and a contrasting piggybacking quartz crystal US$399-

Beryl - Beryllium Aluminum Silicate – Be3Al2Si6O8

Green Beryl on feldspar & Quartz from Western Australia. Large specimens with partial green gem quality material available.  These specimens may be heat-treated, at a cost, to form the aquamarine blue color.  Also, Beryl rough is available, email us for more details.  The price is negotiable depending on the amount.

Beryl1.jpeg (10646 bytes)B1:Twin green Beryl (8cm) on quartz US$139- Beryl2.jpegB2: Four 10cm across Beryls with multiple satellite specimens on smoky quartz US$699-

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