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Mineral Specimens from New Finds and Lost Mines Online

Purveyors of fine mineral specimens, Ben Nicolson & Darren Allingham of New Find Minerals, bring to you a selection of our vast range of minerals from around the globe ready for placement into your collection.  We specialize in Quality. Our Mineral of the Moment is Columbite.  check back every week to see new specimens.



columbite (var. manganoan ferro columbite)

Western Australia - Black in the Outback

These Niobium and Tantalum Oxide specimens are some of the largest & have the most well formed crystal terminations and forms known in the world such as singly terminated prisms with square to rectangular cross-sections. The prism faces are small and the pyramid faces large  They are from an Archean aged (2,665 million years) Pegmatite intrusion within an ultramafic peridotite located in the Yilgarn Province.  The black Iridescent metallic luster of the orthorhombic columbite crystal faces on a Feldspar/Quartz Matrix provide a striking contrast in colors.   These are from a Published World Class Locality and recent mining has uncovered new specimens.  Mass Spectrometer analyses indicate that the columbite contains significant quantities of Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Tungsten, Titanium, Vanadium, Tellurium & Zircon in addition to the Niobium and TantaliumAccessory Minerals in the pegmatite Include Quartz, Albite, Microcline, green Beryl, red Garnets, Muscovite & Tourmaline (var. Schorl).

Top: C1- we named this one "The Turtle" because it has one crystal cluster that resembles a baby turtle. It is an An array of aligned columbites on Clevelandite. A Very Pretty Piece, US$699-

Bottom: C2 - Black Label Barrel is a large long single columbite with a unique form that looks like barrels for US$350-

You may see the whole spectrum of Columbite Specimen forms in the Collections Page

We are professionally qualified Australian Geologists working in the minerals industry with the experience to Guarantee the authenticity of every piece sold.  Both Mineral Collectors & Dealers are most welcome.   All Mineral Specimens are open to offers, Email us your price and we’ll consider it.  But remember they are unique and rare pieces found in remote areas on the planet.  Don’t delay your expression of interest because the piece you want may be sold.  Collections or Single Pieces Available, with full Locality and Geological Information provided with every specimen.  We are Registered Members of; The Australian Institute of Geoscientists, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, The Geological Society of Australia & The Society of Economic Geologists.

Columbite Descriptions

C1 ferro columbite, Giles Prospect, Spargoville, Western Australia

Crystal size: up to 22 x 11x 8 mm, and 15 x 16 x 7 mm (0.89 x 0.45 x 0.32) Specimen size: 86 x 54 x 62 mm (3.25 x 2.14 x 2.45) Weight: 355 g

One of the only specimens recovered as a crystal group. Specimen consists of five main crystals, with two smaller crystals growing from a white clevelandite-type albite matrix. Crystals are sharp, vary from simple to complex terminations and have a good lustre.

C2 ferro columbite, Giles Prospect, Spargoville, Western Australia

Crystal size: 61 x 30 x 19mm (2.40 x 1.19 x 0.76) Specimen (approx): 75 x 62 x 69 mm (3 x 2.46 x 2.72)

Complex terminations or parallel growth of crystals has resulted in this large specimen. Faces are lustrous and exhibit an iridescent patina where faces contacted quartz. This is characteristic of columbite from Spargoville recovered from certain zones within the pegmatite. Damage is present on the terminations (visible in photos) and the specimen is repaired. The lower price reflects this.   


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