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image7.jpeg (55663 bytes)   C13

Some Columbite Crystals without significant terminations have been polished.  They may be used in Jewelry or just placed 'as is' in your collection. They have a moderate SG (4.5) so feel smooth, heavy and thrillingly cold.  Some original pyramid and prism crystal faces are preserved.  They have a similar luster to hematite in places but mostly are a deep iridescent graphitic color, very interesting  pieces if you want any US$40c/gram.  Someone told me Columbite makes you irresistible in love and invincible in war.  I'm not sure about this but maybe you would like to try a piece.  I try to make love not war so haven't tested this out, although someone came up to me the other day and asked me out on a date. I wonder if it was that piece of columbite in my pocket!