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All specimens come with full details on the locality and composition of the piece. remember we have collected many of these specimens so we have first-hand knowledge that will be passed on to the buyer.  Email us for more photos and explanations of any piece that takes your interest.



Iron Manganese Niobium Tantalum Oxide

New Columbite specimens are currently available from Western Australia.  Recent deep mining undertaken by us uncovered exceptional pieces.  The mine entrance was then covered up to make it safe and environmently stable. We have geological ‘Treasure’ mapped the mine so know the positions where some of the best crystals were located.  Therefore, these specimens are the only pieces that will come from this locality for a long time.  A broad range of Columbite forms for all budgets are available on and off matrix. 

Do you have a columbite specimen in your collection?  Once you go black, you never go back!

Email us your budget available on columbite and photos of our collection, in your price range, will be emailed to you on request, for your personal selection.  All offers on specimens will be considered but remember the remoteness of the locations that these specimens are from and the uniqueness of every piece. The harsh conditions miners and prospectors have endured to bring these mineral specimens to your front door.  Please enjoy what we have to offer on the following pages. New minerals will be continually posted so check back when you can for a browse.



Crystal size: up to 30 x 15 x 5 mm Specimen size: 66 x 52 x 36 mm Specimen weight: 145 g

A great specimen with two 3cm ferrocolumbites at opposing angles, complimented by two smaller crystals on the edge of the specimen. Crystals are growing from an albite base into a coarse grained microcline of pale orange-white colour.




Crystal size: 43 x 22 x 15 mm Specimen size: 104 x 90 x 67 mm Specimen weight: 562 g

A large single columbite nucleating along an albite base, with coarse microcline along one side of the crystal. Minor quartz and muscovite and very fine-grained garnet are also present. The crystal termination is a perfectly crystallised complex termination.




Crystal size: 61 x 26 x 13 mm and 47 x 20 x 12 mm Specimen size: 146 x 76 x 76 mm Specimen weight: 828 g

This is a truly awesome ferrocolumbite specimen. Two large and lustrous ferrocolumbites sit in opposition atop a mass of albite, all within quartz. The crystals have nucleated on the albite, and have grown within the quartz, which has permitted growth of the sharp and lustrous crystals you see here. Two other well-formed but small crystals are present on the back of the specimen, along with the base section of what would have originally been another large crystal. Very fine-grained accessory garnet occurs within albite on the back of the specimen.

This specimen was found early on in our specimen mining when a broken crystal (the one on the back of the specimen) was noticed in a mine face. Careful work exposed very small sections of one of the crystals you see on this specimen. Work over a period of two days was required to remove the specimen from the rock as specialised tools needed be used (and had to be sourced from the nearest major town) to ensure no further damaged to the specimen occurred. We will post photos of the extraction soon. Once out of the ground, further preparation resulted in the specimen you see here. A simply Exquisite piece for the serious collector US$4,499-


double12.jpegAdditional picture of both C4 and C5 (above) on a blue towel straight after they had been uncovered from surrounding pegmatite.   The pegmatite is hard and brittle so that the crystals must be carefully extracted with mechanical tools.  The Crystals on smokey quartz have an extreme irridescent luster.  Both were found deep within the pegmatite and show no signs of weathering.

These are some of our best pieces so we just wont part with them easily.  Compared to the famous Mining Hall of Fame specimen in Kalgoorlie C4 they are specimens with similar attributes that define perfection in the Columbite mineral.

When a local geologist, who has examined many of the specimens that have come from this mining locality area saw these crystals, he assured us that these were some of the most beautiful pieces ever discovered in Western Australia.

They just aren’t found like this every day.  The lease on this Columbite property in Australia is available for sale and offers have been received.  From the quality you can see why it is a sought after location for columbite and beryl pegmatite minerals.  Papers have been written on the locality (see publications) and a new paper is in progress after the completion of recent mining.


Crystal size: 23 x 20 x 9 mm Specimen size: 65 x 57 x 37 mm Specimen weight: 146 g

This is a sharp and well-defined crystal in albite matrix. The crystal displays an unusual striated termination and has good lustre.



image4.jpegC7: Interlocking braided 2.5cm piece with small                      flecks of matrix,small repair so only US$120-



Crystal size: 75 x 49 x 28 mm single crystal Specimen weight: 306 g

This is our largest single crystal to date. Faces are lustrous and the termination is extremely complex, with a ‘layered’ appearance to the termination. The main faces are curved, indicating some warping of the crystal structure has occurred during growth. Minor damage on some of the terminations, visible only on close inspection. The crystal was found in an area of kaolinised feldspar, so the specimen could not be recovered on matrix.




Crystal size: 32 x 21 x 8 mm Specimen size: 56 x 48 x 25 mm Specimen weight: 57 g

A great miniature specimen, the columbite is complimented by albite and quartz matrix. The crystal is a classic tabular form with a simple and this habit typifies good crystals from Spargoville.


Crystal size: 26 x 20 x 8 mm Specimen size: 69 x 59 x 48 mm Specimen weight: 148 g

An upright columbite crystal with a dull lustre and embayed faces, the termination is complex, with two terminations visible. Slight damage to specimen.





Crystal size: 27 x 22 x 11 mm Specimen size: 86 x 98 x 53 mm Specimen weight: 333 g

A single inch plus crystal exhibits well crystallised simple termination. Main face shows a great iridescent patina. The crystal is nucleating on albite and is backed by an intergrowth of feldspar and quartz in what’s called graphic texture. Matrix contains accessory very fine-grained garnet.





Lead Arsenate Pb5(AsO4)3Cl

Mimetite from a World Class Chinese Location as seen in The Mineralogical Record (reported locality Bapu, Guangdong Prov., China). There are only a few left from this amazing recent find.

image8.jpeg (7537 bytes)image9.jpeg (8935 bytes)


We have a comprehensive range of orange, butterscotch and honey colored Mimetites from US$110- to $2,750-

See the entire range here --->>>

Don’t miss out on one of these pieces, the supply will eventually run out from The Peoples Republic of China.

C1Thumb1.jpeg (2615 bytes) C2Thumb2.jpeg (2158 bytes) C3Thumb3.jpeg (3029 bytes) C4Thumb4.jpeg (2605 bytes)

A number of well formed Mimetite Thumbnail Crystal Specimens are US$139- each, from China (C1 & C3) and Australia (C2 & C4)


Antimony Sulphide - Sb2S3

A huge range of stibnite specimens have been personally acquired from Chinese mine sites.  The stibnite specimen quality and range will knock your socks off.  These will be posted soon and be priced from US$199- to $16,999-

Definitely for the discerning collector.


Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3

CalciteTwin.jpegL1: A uniquely exquisite bimodal-colored red and white Calcite twin from China US$899-


Lead Vanadate - Pb(Zn, Cu) (VO3)(OH)

descloizite consists of plumose masses of prismatic crystals with a vitreous lustre
Dec1.jpegD1:  A reddish brown color with orange botryoidal masses of descloizite on the back of the prismatic crystals, 2 inches by 1.5 inches $US199-

SorrySold.jpeg (8861 bytes)

Dec2.jpegD2: large 12cm x 5cm piece with a plethora of prismatic crystals extruding from a relatively flat base $US259-


Iron Manganese Tungstate - (Fe, Mn)WO4

WulfenitevarFeb.jpegF1: Tabular and prismatic crystals of a 8cm Ferberite with a complex termination and a contrasting piggybacking quartz crystal US$299-


Beryllium Aluminum Silicate – Be3Al2Si6O8

Green Beryl on feldspar & Quartz from Western Australia

Large specimens with partial green gem quality material available

These specimens may be heat-treated, at a cost to you, to form the aquamarine blue color.   Also, Beryl rough available.

Beryl1.jpeg (10646 bytes)B1:Twin green Beryl (8cm) on quartz US$139- Beryl2.jpegB2: Four »10cm across Beryls with multiple satellite specimens on smoky quartz US$799-


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